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Trade Show Publicity Service 


Elevate Your Company's Presence at Trade Shows Like CES



Recognizing the immense potential of trade shows as the launchpad for brand expansion and product promotion, Foster PR is delighted to announce its specialized Trade Show Publicity Service. This new offering is designed to help brands fully maximize their presence and their impact at key events - including, but not limited to, the Las Vegas consumer tech showpiece that is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).


Service Overview:


Acknowledging that standing out is more important than ever in today’s fast-moving trade show landscape, Foster PR’s Trade Show Publicity Service has been designed to meet this challenge head-on.


PR Consulting Pre-Event


Led by seasoned consumer tech PR specialist Dirk Foster, Foster PR involves itself by fully understanding a brand's ethos, products, and objectives. This forms the foundation for crafting a trade show strategy that aligns with agreed goals, and with the needs of the trade show itself. Identifying the right media channels, and targeting the ideal audience, this consultation ensures a powerful, tailored approach.

Trade Show Media Relations


Harnessing the buzz of activity around a trade show, Foster PR intends to use its vast network of media contacts to ensure your brand gets the right kind of attention from the right outlets. From scheduling interviews to co-ordinating demos, they handle the media relations side of things and help your brand stay in the spotlight.


Trade Show Press Kits


Your press kit often makes the first impression for you, so Foster PR ensures that it’s a good one. Their team curates press kits that are informative and engaging, from including hi-res images to providing product specifications. They’ll also include FAQs and brand stories so that your job becomes much easier when the trade show kicks off.


Writing Services


As the old saying goes, content is king! Foster PR specializes in creating press releases that inform and educate. Beyond press releases, they also offer blog writing services to ensure a consistent narrative across platforms. Whatever the purpose it is aimed towards, their content is designed to ensure your brand voice comes across clearly and persuasively.

Trade Show Service Benefits


Trade shows like CES, E3, and Toy Fair, are more than simple industry events. They’re the ideal opportunity for brands to launch new products, build awareness, and announce their arrival on the scene. They’re offer a ready-made captive audience for the story you want to tell, and by taking on Foster PR’s specialized service, a brand can benefit from pre-event buzz generation, extensive coverage during the show, and plenty of attention once everyone has packed up and gone home. 


What Clients are Saying


Dirk Foster’s contributions have come in for lavish praise. Tom LaVoie stated: “Dirk has been invaluable in helping us with multiple product launches and trade shows, including CES”, while James Hong added “We were very impressed with the attention and positive coverage we got so quickly”. These are just a few of the glowing testimonials that Foster PR has achieved during 20-plus years in the business, and customers new and old are all keen to put their happiness with the service on record.


A Success Story


As further evidence of Foster PR’s capabilities, it’s important to look at the benefits they achieved for a South Korean AI technology developer at the beginning of 2023.


Pivo Inc., keen to break the important US market, sought out the assistance of Foster PR. Leading up to and including CES 2023, the company benefited from more than 20 press releases, 43 product reviews, and more than 5000 distinct media mentions. They experienced more than 2 million impressions, giving a significant boost to their US market presence.



About Foster PR

To benefit from this impact, and to avail of Foster PR’s trade show publicity services and join their many satisfied customers, feel free to reach out to Dirk Foster. For further information about Foster PR please visit



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