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Publicity Service

Building a positive reputation begins with a good public relations campaign.


Your customers (B2B or B2C) are much more likely to convert if they know and trust your brand.

Public relations is the art of "earned media" instead of paid advertising.


But you have to present your story in a compelling and newsworthy fashion if you want the media or anyone else to pay attention.

A PR campaign often includes:

  • Developing a story angle and building your press kit

  • Identifying the correct media to pitch your story

  • Approaching the media in a professional and timely manner

  • Consistently following up with the media to secure stories and reviews

  • Reaching out to bloggers and influencers about your business

  • Building a strong, positive presence on social media

  • Establishing content messaging across all platforms and social media

  • Creating buzz in the press before, during, and after trade shows

  • Communicating directly with your industry regarding accomplishments

  • Positioning you as a thought leader and/or innovator in your field

Public relations should be considered as an intrinsic aspect to your overall marketing campaign. 

Why public relations?
If you want to create awareness about a brand, product, or service, you need to develop a strong, effective, public relations campaign.  
Public relations is the most powerful, and least expensive, way to promote your offering.
Public relations is crucial for creating buzz about the benefits and value of your business.
Public relations will...
  • Help you reach a wider audience regarding your business
  • Help you promote a product or service through the media
  • Help you promote your business without breaking your budget
  • Help you improve your B2B reputation and influence
  • Help you launch a new product or service
  • Help you expand and improve your social media footprint
  • Help your SEO ranking on Google and other search engines
  • Help you promote a product or business at trade shows 
  • Help you develop a positive reputation about your product or business

How we can help:

1. Build and run your PR campaign for you to save you time and money or

2. Train you or someone from your team how to run a PR campaign



Grow Your Reach and Brand
A well written press release, blog post, or article will have a significant impact on how your business is perceived. We will craft the best image for you, your brand, your product, or your service quickly and affordably.


Trade Show Publicity  

Trade shows and special events are excellent opportunities not only to promote your product or brand, but to also build a positive reputation, connect with key industry leaders, and share your story.


Whether you’re planning on investing in an exhibit at a trade show or you hope to host a special industry event, PR plays a crucial role in its execution, whether your intention is to gain exposure or network with relevant consumers, competitors, and industry representatives.

Trade shows and special events require a tremendous amount of effort and due diligence.

We've been involved in some of the biggest trade shows in the world including CES, E3, Toy Fair, and many others.

We're available to promote your brand or product before, during, and after your biggest trade events so that you get the attention you deserve, from the media and your industry.

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