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Case Study

The Company: Pivo, Inc

The Product: Pivo Pod AI Motion-Tracking Mounts

The Challenge:

Pivo, Inc. is a developer of AI technology solutions for content creators. Pivo specializes in helping creative people capture stunning, motion-tracking footage using their smartphones. In early 2022 we were approached by Pivo, Inc. to increase and improve public awareness of their line of products in the United States. As a South Korean based company, Pivo’s ability to achieve earned media exposure in the United States was limited by distance and inexperience.

The Solution:

In April of 2022 we launched a public relations campaign designed to land product reviews in multiple media niches. After developing targeted pitch angles and stories for each niche, we began an aggressive media outreach program aimed at securing product reviews and brand mentions. In addition to our media campaign, We also helped the company plan and execute its media strategy at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which resulted in multiple media stories, celebrity endorsements, and product reviews.

Rapid Results:

  • 20 press releases distributed

  • 43 media product reviews  

  • 5000+ media mentions  

  • 2 Million+ impressions  


In a very short time, Pivo has quickly become a recognized brand name amongst content creators in the US and continues to grow it’s reputation as a leading developer of AI powered motion-tracking mounts.

public relations reno | foster pr
public relations reno | foster pr
public relations reno | foster pr
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