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The Ultimate Free Course
On Public Relations

Learn the Fundamentals of
Public Relations  
"Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad."

-Richard Branson

Traditional advertising costs a damn fortune! Public relations cost next to nothing and is twice as effective!

This short, do-it-yourself video course breaks down the most important elements needed to understand and execute a successful public relations campaign.

You'll quickly learn everything you need to know about the dynamic steps that are necessary for creating buzz and excitement about any type of business!

It's easy, fast, and informative. Once you finish the course, you'll be ready to launch a publicity campaign for yourself or for your clients.

What you'll learn:

    The financial advantages of PR 

    Why PR is so important for any type of business

    PR's impact on every marketing campaign

    Planning, developing, and launching a successful PR campaign

    Landing a story or product review in the media

    Trade show preparation and publicity

    Much more...

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"The PR Power course taught me the most important things I needed to learn about public relations in a matter of hours. It's concise, easy to follow, and was extremely helpful for my understanding of publicity and media relations."

-Kevin H, Business Owner

A transformational launch pad to success!

PR Power pulls back the curtain to show you the most important tactics and techniques that will have an immediate impact on any company, product, service, or brand.

If you’re a business owner, or if you want to learn about public relations for your career, this course is your launch pad to success!

The PR Power course is filled with smart, practical information and advice. It’s designed to get you started immediately on your publicity campaign or PR career.



Blue Skies

Every company needs publicity to succeed. It’s imperative that you find the correct methods to communicate with the media, customers, and business partners.


This course will show you how to build a PR campaign around a product or business, how to access the power of the media, what to do with the stories you land, and how to promote a business at trade shows and events.

"This is a goldmine of useful information and tips. I knew next to nothing about public relations when I decided to give PR Power a try. By the end of it I felt like I had learned so much. Best of all, I've been able to use everything I've learned to start my own small public relations service."

- Liz T, Entrepreneur
Business owners on a fixed budget looking for a way to create positive buzz about their company, brand, service, or product.
Anyone thinking about a career in public relations who needs a solid base of knowledge and information. 
Entrepreneurs who need a quick lesson on publicity and media relations for their business.
Freelancers, consultants, and coaches looking for an affordable DIY way to promote their service.
Business students who need a quick course on the fundamentals of public relations.
Anyone who is curious about the role of public relations in business success and how to carry out a publicity campaign that's affordable, powerful, and effective.
"The thing I loved the most about your course is that it gets right to the point. There's no useless filler or fluff. It provides useful, practical information from beginning to end and didn't waste my time. Very helpful and informative. Thank you."

- Bianca H, PR Specialist

PR Power is your opportunity to shine. We designed this course to be a helpful tool for anyone looking for a way to improve their business or enhance their career.

Filled with smart, practical advice, PR Power will quickly launch your understanding and skills as a DIY practitioner of public relations for any type of business.

Don't spend endless months or even years trying to figure out how to get a business, product, or service noticed. Get a head-start by watching PR Power which will provide a solid foundation of knowledge about public relations, media relations, and building buzz.

12 modules that include:

    Introduction to Public Relations

    The Fundamentals of Public Relations  

    Public Relations Versus Marketing

    How PR Compliments Marketing  

    How PR Improves SEO Ranking

    How to Write a Press Release

    What to Include in A Press Kit

    How to Build a Targeted Media List

    How to Pitch the Media About Your Product, Brand, or Service

    How to Submit Product Samples to Journalists

    How to Use PR at Trade Shows and Special Events

    Tying It All together: How to Promote Any Business with PR
Bonus Items Include:

    PDF copies of each module for study and reference

    Short quiz at the end of each module to keep you sharp

    Sample of a high-performing press release that achieved          over 1 million impressions

    Access to the PR Power private group 
Blue Skies
Don't miss this opportunity to learn how powerful, dynamic, and fun public relations can be for any type of business. It's affordable. It's effective. It works!
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