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PR for Small Business. 7 Tips for Promoting a Local Business

Updated: Sep 16

Greetings, entrepreneurial upstarts! You’ve set up shop, and its high time your local business had its well-deserved moment in the sun. Now, you're probably scratching your head, wondering, "How do I promote my business?" Well, we’ve got some stellar marketing tips up our sleeve that will make your local business shine brighter than a diamond in a black hole. So, strap in, it’s time to learn the art of local allure!

PR for small business

1. Be a Social Butterfly

Hop on that social media train because it's a ride you don't want to miss! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren't just for cute cat videos and holiday snaps anymore, they're powerful marketing tools that any business owner can learn to wield with a little practice. Post engaging content, run contests, interact with your audience, and make your business the talk of the town if you want to get those locals flocking to you like Homer Simpson to a BBQ!

2. Hooray for Hashtags

Local hashtags are like breadcrumbs leading folks straight to your door. Make it easy for people to find your business by using hashtags that have some kind of link to your city, neighborhood or local community, and any events that are happening that your audience might attend. For example, if you run an amazing bakery in the Bay Area, then you’re going to want to use hashtags like #SanFranBakery or #BayAreaEats to ensnare the local cookie monsters.

3. Google My Business

In the past we had billboards, now we have Google, and that isn’t a bad thing because adding your company to Google My Business is kind of like climbing to the roof of the highest building in your neighborhood and using the biggest megaphone you can find to shout about your company. It will attract way more attention than the average billboard in the digital age, and best of all, it’s totally free, so be sure to sign up and let everyone who uses Google Maps and Google Search in your area, find you first.

4. Get Listed, Get Noticed

The online world is a bit like the wild west, with directories being the 'Most Wanted' posters, but instead of warning the locals about any potential fugitives who might be passing through by ensuring everyone knows their faces, they are putting your business face out into the world, so to speak, so that more people in your area can find you and what you are selling. Popular directories include Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Angie's List, so start adding your info to them right now. And don't forget that consistency is key in marketing, so make an effort to add the same (up-to-date) information on each directory.

5. Partnerships

Why not hold out a friendly hand to other businesses and say “Howdy partner!” if you want to increase your local reach? This is one of those underrated marketing tips that can really work wonders for you locally. You could build beneficial collaborative partnerships in a number of ways from hosting joint events to offering bundled deals. It’s a bit like the business version of peanut butter and jelly – separately great, but together, they’re a knockout! Just be sure to choose a partner that complements you and what you do as a business.

6. PR for Small Business - Be the Story

Press releases and local media features can make your business the latest buzz, in the local news at least! So, if you’ve just launched a great new product that you think they’ll love or your team has started training for a marathon to raise money for a good cause, be sure to let the people know. Chances are you’ll make the local headlines, and your company name will be on everyone’s lips.

7. Don’t Forget the Old School

Even in this digital age of unboxing videos and unabashed online reviews, some old-school marketing methods still hold their charm and can be particularly effective in local communities. Hosting a community event, sponsoring a local sports team, or even putting up flyers in popular spots can still draw in crowds and bag you more than a few new customers. It's a bit like pulling a classic vinyl record out in a world full of Spotify playlists - it gets people’s attention.

To Get More Marketing Tips…

If you would like more publicity tips, or you think you could benefit from some professional help with your local marketing strategy, get in touch with Foster PR today.

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