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How to Create a Public Relations Press Kit

With the intention of garnering positive publicity, public relations professionals use various tools and tactics to compete, build relationships with valued stakeholders, and increase business exposure.

how to make a press kit

To compete with the best of them, however, PR professionals must curate a streamlined process that allows third parties, whether websites, affiliates, or media outlets to publicize stories about their brand or business, consumer electronics, tech, or otherwise.

One such resource that will help with that aim is to develop and offer what’s known as a press kit. In this chapter, we define what a press kit is, where it resides, what it includes, and how to make an effective press kit of your own.

What is a Press Kit?

Otherwise often referred to as a media kit, a press kit is a resource of relevant information of interest to publications, journalists, and reporters alike. What was traditionally a set of resources sent directly to media outlets is now a one-stop shop for media outlets to visit, particularly on an exclusive webpage via your website.

Whether on a PDF or posted online electronically, a press kit should be easy to find, easy to update, and easy to share.

The primary purpose, and arguably the sole purpose of a press kit, is to make it that much easier of a process to garner publicity from those able to do so. In other words, it acts as a road map toward promotion. It also adds professionalism, reputability, and authority to your website and business at large.

So, what do you include in a press kit, you ask?!

What to Include in Your Press Kit

While it’s ultimately up to you what’s included in your press kit, there are some standard elements that should be included, especially if your primary goal is to garner valued media coverage and publicity.

No matter what you include, the primary goal of a press kit is to clearly and concisely present who your business is and what makes it special among the rest, while also offering a streamlined approach to publication.

With that said, below are the basic elements to include in your press release. Not that your press kit is limited to only the following elements but rather should include them at the very least:

• Business contact information

• A boilerplate/about us section

• Product fact sheet

• Social media links

• Media assets: High-quality images, videos, & audio files

When first curating a press kit, it’s important to first stick to the basics. Similar to that of a press release, it’s important to only provide what’s relevant and important to those viewing it (i.e. reporters, publishers, etc.).

Once you’ve established the basics of a press kit, you may now consider adding additional elements to provide further value. Such elements include but certainly aren’t limited to:

• Recent press releases

• Notable media coverage

• Awards and accomplishments

• Testimonials and reviews

• Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

• Team member information

• Partnerships and case studies

While what you include in a press kit depends greatly on the industry you’re in and the type of business you work for, there are elements that must be included in order for it to be a valued resource, both for you and those who peruse it.

In Summary

No matter what you include in your press kit or how you decide to make it accessible, it’s imperative that you prioritize its functionality and design. In other words, while it matters greatly what’s included in the press kit, it’s just as important to ensure that its design is professional and inviting and its functionality is streamlined and easy to use.

Lucky for you, digital press kits have become commonplace in recent years, notably implemented by some of the most reputable brands and businesses of today’s modern ecosystem.

Some of the best include Hinge, Spotify, and even Delta Airlines. While they may not be in the consumer technology industry, their examples are relevant and helpful to study all the same.

By studying your competition and exploring some of the best press kits online today, you can be confident in knowing where to begin, ultimately taking your public relations efforts to the next level, and garnering more attention than ever before!

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